Welcome to MFHCS

Media & Friends Housing Co-Operative Society

MFHCS -It was conceptualized to provide affordable housing solution to every dear members who need- at the price they can afford.

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Just suppose...

that five years ago

you had bought some well located land. Think how different your life could be today...!

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Perhaps buying that land

would have been the first step toward
owning a new home of your own.

Isn't it time you start thinking seriously about becoming a property owner?

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About Us

Media & Friends Housing Co-Operative Society Limited (MFHCS) a registered Society by Karnataka Housing Co-Operative Society that aims to provide safe, affordable and planned housing plots in selected locations throughout the state of Karnataka. MFHCS as the name suggests is a serving to cater to the fraternity of Media Professionals and its friend's community at large. MFHCS remains dedicated in its mission to provide sites to the desirous of the Society at a 'NO PROFIT NO LOSS' basis in the selected locations. Endeavour of MFHCS has always been to deliver good services with all its commitment to the allottees.

1 Sri. Somashekar G R N President
2 Sri. Shashidhar B Vice President
3 Sri. Kiran D Nayak Director
4 Sri. Kiran Kumar Swamy B S Director
5 Sri. Naveen B Director
6 Sri. Veeramani A Director
7 Sri. Venkatesh Babu Reddy C Director
8 Sri. Shivakumar B H Director
9 Sri. Srinivasan P Director
10 Smt. Anusuyamma Director
11 Smt. Swetha M Director
12 Sri. Chandrashekar T S Director
13 Sri. Rajashekar G Director
14 Sri. Venkatachala G Director
  Sri. Nagarjun.R CEO